A Stranger to Strange Fruit

This novel is a satire. In Elfwood, which is very, very white, pseudo-liberal, Billy believes any kind of ethnic entrenchment, black or Latino, would become like an invasion of the soul snatchers. As an artist, as someone who grew up in a foster home for old ladies run like a whorehouse by his cruel father, he struggles to assure hypocrites are punished, where he discovers his own hypocrisy about his obsession over the beauty of women. 

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 “Whatever triumph, however small, should be celebrated against being bipolar.”

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I am who I never thought I would be. I have been a disciple of moveable spirituality and fiction. From Christianity to Buddhism to Native American mysticism, from Tupac to Stravinsky, from Voltaire to Hesse, I embrace whatever inspires me. I have been more dedicated to the love of writing rather than romance. What matters most is that I am here; finally 70, and fortunate to have a stronger sense of humor, a Husky as a great companion, and to have survived and conquered being bipolar for 50 years.

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