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A Stranger To Strange Fruit

Billy grew up in a foster home run by a Dad who treated the elderly women like he was a cruel madam of a whorehouse. He was even more abusive to Billy than the ladies. To survive, Billy strives to be an artist who creates a perfect painting of a perfect woman as if he is a crack addict without any lack of product. But he falls for Bitea; perfectly imperfect in love, in emotions, in her faith in him. She rattles his conscience about how he watches Derk murder his father. Derk traps Billy in whatever he wants him to do. With him, they punish a wolf behaviorist who mistreats his wolves. They attack Tafu, a spiritual guru, because of her hypocrisy. Derk never wants to stop. Billy just wants to love Bitea. To love her, paint her, is to discover beauty in everything she does, is, shows. As an artist, what he paints triggers what he believes as truth about humanity. As a man, what is more important?


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