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Dolphins At The Door

Whether on a skateboard or a surfboard, Joey, born of risk takers, already one at 13, skates in and out of lightning strikes as if a gazelle chased by a lioness. He crashes into a school bus. In a coma, he enters a fantasy world where nature and truth have gone awry. As a warrior inspired by a legendary big wave surfer, he hunts down Cherokee medicine men he hopes will cure Esther of her leukemia. He loves her. Lady Matu, rock star, cult leader, kidnaps her. Joey rescues her. The medicine men are tricksters. They refuse to heal her. Joey returns home. Esther is sicker. He crashes. In a coma again, he travels back to an imaginary church where Esther believes she is a goddess among disabled, deranged converts. She does not want to be saved. His will and spirit are tossed about like a surfboard tumbled against a coral reef.


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