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Wolfing Down a Moon

Wolfing Down A Moon, playing homage to magical realism and the novels of Sherman Alexie and Walter Mosley, allows Gecko to redeem himself for how he acted as a LA Police detective in the late 20th Century. Gecko, a mammoth white man of 317 pounds, with gentle features and a voice like a woman, cannot delay his retirement after 33 years. LA has fingered him as a chump. He is confused, fed up, angry. He wants to be like the kid who fell in love after a brief, chance encounter with a Centennial High black cheerleader. Maybe he can recover it in the small Oregon mountain town of Joseph. Days before, Jack Santos, a famous Latino sculptor, disappears in the wilderness. He believes his wife has crashed her Bug and wandered off. Townspeople hate the man. His daughter’s only chance is Gecko. Faith ignites his humanity after long conversations who he really is. She becomes like the daughter Gecko met for the first time three years before. He trusts her, wants to love her, be loved, and heads off.


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